Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TSMGO - New Show 14th March 09

Professor AntfarmoffskiOh fraptious day! After my triumphant World Tour of Finland, I am returning to my roots and my World Renowned Magnificent Flea Circus is coming home to Second Life and you - yes YOU! - can be the first to see my new show staring a whole new cast of brave, wonderful fleas.

Gasp at the airborne dexterity of Frollo! Sigh at the beauty of Esmeralda! Wince at the feats of Hugo! And faint with fear at the flames of Pheobus!

And more! Marvel at the vocal genius of Miss Kitty! Split your sides (and have them expertly stitched together again) with Doctor Tornado and her patient, Mr Karuna Sands!

So come one, come all - the show is free and open to all comers. The hosts for the show are our wonderful Tiny friends of Raglan Shire and the show will end with a special visit from the Shindig dance troupe - if you can assume Tiny form, please join all the performers, my wonderful fleas and our gracious hosts on stage for the dance! I will forward an exact location very soon, but for now please put a mark against the March 14th in your diaries and make sure you are free at 2pm local SL time for The Greatest Show In World - Professor Headonious Antfarmoffski's World Renowned Magnificent Flea Circus!

Yours with the warmest of Regards,
Professor Headonious Antfarmoffski.
Flea Wrangler to The Stars.

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