Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Show Went On in Raglan

Saturday the 14th March was the first show in the new 2009 line up and what a success! Well, if you discount the terrible lag ruining the first half and take into consideration the horrible deaths of all my brave, dear fleas, then it was a success.

The wonderful inhabitants of Raglan Shire have always been the greatest of friends to The Show Must Go On, and they proved once again just how much they love our humble efforts to entertain with dance, song and comedy. And fleas, of course.

Osprey had parked the theatre a few days earlier...
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

And it soon began to fill up with the cutest furry friends I've ever seen! Oh, and quite a few hoomans too :-D
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

We poor performers were bags of nerves behind the scenes, let me tell you!
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

A hush descended upon the audience as the show began...
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

As I'm sure you will understand, I was unable to take any more photos until the very end when the wonder of shindig managed to take my mind of the deaths of my fleas for a few minutes...
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

Before the stage floor gave way and many of us plummeted 2000m to the town below...
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

But a quick TP saw me back in the theatre where many of the upset tinies crowded around me to offer me their sympathies and assure me they would look for new fleas I could train.
TSMGO in Raglan Shire, 14th March 2009

A huge thank you to all our TSMGO fans in Raglan for having us again and a similarly massive thank you to all our fans who came to see the show - we hope you will come again throughout the year to see other acts we will be adding. Don't forget to check the TSMGO blog for more details. And a big fat thanks to all the show's performers who were just brilliant and professional on the night, a night which saw lag all but eat us alive and all my lovely fleas killed in horrible ways... *sobs*


Zayn Till said...

Big Thank you once again to TSMGO troupe for taking the time to come to Raglan Shire and perfrom for our happy lil community!

We enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the next time you visit!


p.s. we really are sorry about the loss of your fleas :(

Osprey said...

egzellent pix

Savanna Leigh said...

Looks like you had a fun show!