Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I received a nice enquiry today, so TSMGO! is in people's thoughts.

We develop a new show every year, and perform during our season, but currently we haven't started developing 2010s show in earnest, yet - although we have some of it outlined. We won't be ready to perform it until some time in the spring - not sure, yet, when, as we haven't started.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Horrible Halloween Howl!

The halloween special was a blast! Everyone was a zombie or ghoul and the audience came in an amazing variety of horrific outfits. We had two now acts, the Doctor & The Zombie and The Dance of The Ghouls, and both had exposive endings that showered the crowd in blood, bone and brains!

So that's it folks - the final final end of the 2009 season - we all hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :-D

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Word From the Director

We've reached the final show of the 2009 season - and obviously, given that we fell dead to the ground and/or exploded during the last act in a rain of blood and internal organs, yesterday, you wouldn't like to see us back on the stage until we've visited the doctor. But, just as a way of wrapping things up, I'd like to say a few words about my currently active performers.*

Enjah Mysterio is a long-suffering partner-in-crime ready to leap into anything at a moment's notice. Although she can turn her hand to a wide range of things, I especially appreciate her ability to invent characters and bring them to life in both a making-avatar and a performing way, not to speak of her fine voice acting on a few acts. Thanks, Enj - U B Ossm.

Lucy Tornado looks at life from her perch in a beech tree, so naturally she sees things from a different perspective than those of us on the ground. AND THEN SHE WRITES ABOUT IT. o.O The results are unexpected, as you've undoubtedly seen. I appreciate so many things about Luceh, from her ability to build an act from scratch to her cheerfulness, but here's the mystery: how can someone so unpredictable be so dependable?

Karuna Sands is not just a flexible performer but someone I've learned to listen to, as on more than one occasion he casually lets drop a bon mot that is so funny, and so apt, I immediately run off to incorporate it into the show. Who do you think named the the airship theatre "The Lindenburg"? (Actually I think he said "der Lindenburg")

HeadBurro Antfarm has his a way with words - written and spoken - and glad I am that he has just the teensiest bit of ham in him, as his performances are memorable. In a short time he's become a mainstay of the show.

Kitty Zimmer, that naughty pussy, is an independent performer (you know how cats are) who will invent and perform her own solo acts, then turn right around and gamely leap into a group act with great aplomb. Although it's whispered she just may be an alt, if that's the case the typist must have personality to spare - Kitty is definitely her own charming self.

Alazi Sautereau dances with grace and style, choreographing her acts with many animations to express the music's flow. Her performances bring a note of beauty to our mayhem - and then she turns into a yak and all bets are off :-D

Kumi Kuhr is our newest victi... *cough* troupe member, and she has an advanced degree in Mayhemology (I believe she is engaged in finishing her thesis), which should come in handy. Cranking it up to 11, Kumi has already succeeded in making key members of the troupe turn queasy, no mean feat. An idea-generator for 11th notch mayhem - superb!

* Performers who aren't active at the moment deserve their own post, as there are many of them and we may get some of them back!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Special!

Rot up! Rot up! Ghouls and Beasties, I have the distinct terror of announcing a special one night only re-animation of the show everyone is screaming about!

TSMGO - Halloween 09 Show

Creep along early to guarentee your plot and come in the scariest costume you can possess to see the undead treat with more than a few nasty tricks... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

We rise from our graves at 2pm (SLT) on Saturday 31st October 2009 and then come back for a second bite of your brains at 2:50pm. So crawl your foul way to The Lindenburg in Phobos and make sure you don't miss the show where dying on stage is all part of the fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kind words from Jesper!

Jesper Prinz, long time friend of the show and talented SL artist, has some kind and choice) words to say about our humble little show - read them on his blog here :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back By Popular Demand!

That's right folks, we thought it was the end of the 2009 season for The Show Must Go on and Professor Antfarmoffski's Flea Circus, but you wouldn't let us go :) So bowing to pressure from our gorgeous and fragrant public, Osprey beat us all on the soles of our feet until we agreed to come out of retirment once more, and what a show we put on! We were packed out for the 2pm showing (nearly 30 in the audience!) and had a fair few for the 2:50pm show and everyone had a great time. A huge thanks for your support guys!
TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

TSMGO - 10th Oct 2009

p.s. This was Kumi Kuhr's first show with us too! Welcome to the looney bin, Kumi! :-D

Friday, October 02, 2009

10 October! Performances!

Popular demand would not let this show shuffle off to the Old Act's Home and because of the threats we have received (just threats - no bribes!) we are bringing this show back for 2 days only - the first is Saturday 10th October with acts at 2pm & 2:50pm (SLT) and the second... well the second is a surprise ;-) Keep reading this blog for more info!

In the meantime, come and see the very-nearly-last show EVER!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Laddles and Gentlebumps: Introducing The Lindenburg!

TSMGO - 30th May 09 (Race for Life gig)
If you've seen the 2009 show, you'll have been on the amazing flying theatre airship built by Osprey - well now, thanks to Karuna Sands, it has a name...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to The Lindenburg!
TSMGO - 29th August 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

The 2009 Season Nears its End!

The Show Must Go On… but not for much longer!

I’m sorry to say folks that we are nearing the end of the 2009 show season *pauses for wiling, weeping, teeth gnashing and chest beating to stop* and you only have a few more opportunities to a) see us and b) book us!

The next two shows are 5th September and 12th September and we have no more planned after that. Now I’m sure we will do some more, but as we also need to film all the acts from this and last year, I don’t think we’ll do many more.

So if you want to see our amazing flea circus and comedy and dance and song show, come along on Saturday 5th September and/or Saturday 12th September.

And if you want to book us, then contact Osprey Therian in-world ASAP. I’d hazard a guess that if you haven’t booked us by the end of September, we may well be full up for the rest of the year filming.

As always, a HUGE thank you to you all for coming and supporting our work – we do it for the fun, nothing more and nothing less and without an audience, it ain’t no fun :-D

Oh, and on a final note, if you think you have an act or talent you’d like to bring to the troupe and if you think you’d like to stand up on stage and make countless people laugh and wOOt! in 2010 then drop Osprey a line – we are always looking for new blood you know :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Saturday Show

The show season is winding down - better come see if you haven't already.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come one, come all!

At The Airship Theatre in Phobos.

Show Date: Saturday 29th August 2009 at 2pm in Phobos

Roll up! Roll up!

Following a summer holiday break, the players of the greatest (silliest) show on the grid are delighted to announce that they are returning to the stage once for more for the autumn season of shows in the 2009 season.

Come to the Sky Theatre in Phobos this Saturday for 2pm (come early for a seat) and catch the latest performance of The Show Must Go On!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shows & Rumours! Oh My!

The TSMGO camp has been quiet these past few weeks - Burroboy has been on holiday (and indeed still is - I should know, as I type this I'm looking out of a window at Vancouver and I am him!) and both Osprey & Enjah have had busticated 'pooters :(

But all is nearly back to normal - the comps are fixed and the team are practicing new acts. Once the lazy Burro is back in Blighty expect some shows here and there and I've even heard a rumour that Osprey will be making films of all the acts from the last two years!

More news as I hear it, news fans! Until then keep checking back and come and see us real soon :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A great show in Berin!

Thanks to everyone in the 1920s Berlin Project for such a warm welcome - the reduced troupe had a blast with our smaller-than-normal show in the beautiful surroundings of pre-war Berlin. Here are some shots from the show :)

TSMGO - 1920s Berlin - 18th July 09

TSMGO - 1920s Berlin - 18th July 09

TSMGO - 1920s Berlin - 18th July 09

TSMGO - 1920s Berlin - 18th July 09

TSMGO - 1920s Berlin - 18th July 09

There are some more shots here.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

11th July Performances

Two shows: 2pm and 2:50pm.
As is usual, admission is free!
Thrill to the daring antics of Professor Anfarmoffski's marvelous trained fleas! Show includes songstress Kitty Zimmer, comedy duo Tornado and Sands, dancer Alazi Sautereau, and the Sir Thomas Beecham New Dance Company.
Join us on the Airship Theatre parked above the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sir Thomas Beecham New Dance Company

I tried to video during a performance and forgot stupid Avatar Imposters :(
Ah, well - will need to redo, but meanwhile join us at the Airship Theatre in Phobos for live variety from The Show Must Go on!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cattle Call!

Are you a Yak Wannabee? If so, please IM Enjah Mysterio inworld about becoming part of Sir Thomas Beecham's Gnu Ballet Troupe. We will be performing THIS SATURDAY at 2PM and 2:50PM at the Eleanor Airship Theatre, so get your costume and Bee a YAK!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Show Date: Sat 4th July 09 at 2pm & 2:50pm SLT

As is usual, admission is free!
Event Listing

Thrill to the daring antics of Professor Anfarmoffski's marvelous trained fleas! Show includes songstress Kitty Zimmer, comedy duo Tornado and Sands, dancer Alazi Sautereau, and the Sir Thomas Beecham Gnu Dance Company.

Join us on the Airship Theatre parked above the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

RFL Shows a great success!

Thank you so much to our wonderful fans the the amazing supporters of the Race For Life charity who came to both shows yesterday and supported this great cause. Elliebob informed us that all four shows raised about 60,000L$!

Here are some photos from the shows yesterday - both audiences were amazing and fun!
TSMGO - 27th June 09, RFL Show

TSMGO - 27th June 09, RFL Show

TSMGO - 27th June 09, RFL Show

TSMGO - 27th June 09, RFL Show

TSMGO - 27th June 09, RFL Show

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another 2 Great RFL Benefit gigs on Saturday 27th June 09

Coming up: our second benefit performance for Relay for Life.
27 June @ 2pm & 2:50pm.
Contact ELLiebob Bean to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet the Stars: Comrade Bumble Bee

Although the management of the theatre usually compile and compose these short biographies, but in this case Comrade Bumble Bee from the Glorious Soviet Socialist Republik Hive has provided us with the text himself(1):
TSMGO - Bee Pic

Dear all western pigs, capitalist dogs and your childer! Greetings from the Glorious SSRH! We bees of the State wish you and your filthy capitalist ways well and hope your pathetic health services are succeeding in keeping you healthy. Nice things said, we move to tale of Comrade Bees, yes?

In Glorious Mother Hive, all Comrade Bees are equal. In Glorious Mother Hive I learn music and dance from workermother for pleasure of Glorious Leader Bee. This is what we are bringing to you, flabby westerners. Yes? Dance and music in air above you all with faces of wonder and smiles.

With music in air, we dance for joy of Communist Utopia created by Glorious Leader and her many, many Glorious Purges and Pogroms. This is happy for us, yes? No! We never happy while trivial things coming in world! Not like westerners with their smiling faces and clowns. Hello Childer, enjoy show yes?

In end, we Glorious Communist Bees of the Hive State equal, You not. We better and dance from joy of knowing and for the small childer with their fat faces and laughings, yes? Goodbyes!

There you have it folks. And thank you Mr… I mean Comrade Bumble Bee.


(1) Which we are contractually obliged to reproduce, god help us.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Great Shows! Photos from 13th June 09

Thank you to both wonderful audiences for making both shows last night so enjoyable!

TSMGO 13th June 2009

TSMGO 13th June 2009

And thank to Alazi for her enchanting dance (and her wardrobe malfunction which modesty forbade to me to commit to film)
TSMGO 13th June 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet the Stars: Pheobus

TSMGO - Flea Circus

Little is known about Pheobus’ background. We know he has a funny accent and is very careful with his money(1) so it’s a safe bet he’s either Scottish or from Yorkshire, but no record can be found to back this up. Still, he’s never bought any of the other fleas or circus hands a drink ever. Not once. Not even a coke. Tight fisted little sod.

Anyway, the first records of him seem to be those of the Linden Youth Offending Board (Corn Field Division) where he was reprimanded for a series of griefing attacks in which unfortunate noobs were set on fire moments after setting foot off the ferry. These poor noobs were heard to say “Hey! What’s going on?” and “What? What’s this fire? HELP!!!1”and “Babe sex please me?” before he pushed them into other noobs setting them on fire too.

Clearly a troubled soul(2), he was sent to the Corn Field which he promptly burnt down. He was then sent to a secure facility in a Linden Lab server farm which he burnt down. From there he was sent to an underwater containment facility just off Nautilus which he burnt down.

The exasperated Lindens held a special secret meeting (delayed three times due to fire alarms as Pheobus tried to burn it down) and decided upon their most radical solution yet. Exile to Prokofy Neva’s Free Tibet! Here amid the snowy wastes the young Pheobus was to be schooled by one of the grid’s most renowned pacifists, The Great and Benevolent Guru Swami Bernard.

Although Pheobus managed to burn down two mountains, one party of hikers and several of Guru Bernard’s best beards, the good Swami’s patience and fatherly concern slowly worked their magic on the dear little troubled soul and within a year the old Pheobus was gone. Instead, in his place, stood the new Pheobus! Focused, caring, dedicated and 90% less dangerous! A tough regime of mental and physical training had yielded great results and the young Fire-Flea was almost ready to rejoin society(3), all he had to complete was Guru Bernard’s final task – a three week long blindfolded hike through the mountains juggling five blazing termites in which he must never stop for food or sleep or drink and he must never, ever drop a termite or allow it to go out.

And so it was that one day from the end of this mammoth task the exhausted Pheobus came to trip over a snoozing Professor Antfarmoffski and drop all his termites. The rest, dear reader, is history…


(1) It’s rumoured that his purse contains groats and the small desiccated bodies of moths…

(2) In this case, code for ‘right little arsehole’

(3) Probably as a stoker on the Caledon Light Steam Rail Network.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Next Show Date: Saturday 13th June 09 at 2pm SLT

Appearing again at the Airship Theatre in Phobos, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Don't miss it!