Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Word From the Director

We've reached the final show of the 2009 season - and obviously, given that we fell dead to the ground and/or exploded during the last act in a rain of blood and internal organs, yesterday, you wouldn't like to see us back on the stage until we've visited the doctor. But, just as a way of wrapping things up, I'd like to say a few words about my currently active performers.*

Enjah Mysterio is a long-suffering partner-in-crime ready to leap into anything at a moment's notice. Although she can turn her hand to a wide range of things, I especially appreciate her ability to invent characters and bring them to life in both a making-avatar and a performing way, not to speak of her fine voice acting on a few acts. Thanks, Enj - U B Ossm.

Lucy Tornado looks at life from her perch in a beech tree, so naturally she sees things from a different perspective than those of us on the ground. AND THEN SHE WRITES ABOUT IT. o.O The results are unexpected, as you've undoubtedly seen. I appreciate so many things about Luceh, from her ability to build an act from scratch to her cheerfulness, but here's the mystery: how can someone so unpredictable be so dependable?

Karuna Sands is not just a flexible performer but someone I've learned to listen to, as on more than one occasion he casually lets drop a bon mot that is so funny, and so apt, I immediately run off to incorporate it into the show. Who do you think named the the airship theatre "The Lindenburg"? (Actually I think he said "der Lindenburg")

HeadBurro Antfarm has his a way with words - written and spoken - and glad I am that he has just the teensiest bit of ham in him, as his performances are memorable. In a short time he's become a mainstay of the show.

Kitty Zimmer, that naughty pussy, is an independent performer (you know how cats are) who will invent and perform her own solo acts, then turn right around and gamely leap into a group act with great aplomb. Although it's whispered she just may be an alt, if that's the case the typist must have personality to spare - Kitty is definitely her own charming self.

Alazi Sautereau dances with grace and style, choreographing her acts with many animations to express the music's flow. Her performances bring a note of beauty to our mayhem - and then she turns into a yak and all bets are off :-D

Kumi Kuhr is our newest victi... *cough* troupe member, and she has an advanced degree in Mayhemology (I believe she is engaged in finishing her thesis), which should come in handy. Cranking it up to 11, Kumi has already succeeded in making key members of the troupe turn queasy, no mean feat. An idea-generator for 11th notch mayhem - superb!

* Performers who aren't active at the moment deserve their own post, as there are many of them and we may get some of them back!


Call Me Lucy said...

And there is the one who makes it all happen -- OSPREY -- who mysteriously inspires us, makes us more creative, makes us do a good job! She has the vision that makes the show real -- a show that is live, unique to second life, and well...unique! Does she hold our feet to the fire, our noses to the grindstone, is her bite as bad as her bark sometimes? Yes! But we trust that the show will be good, no sloppiness, and it is!

kumi kuhr said...

Osprey is an inspiration -- now I know what conductors do.